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An Iconic Speaker That’s Re-Engineered for Streaming Music

OD-11 Speaker. Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIRED

Teenage Engineering’s OD-11 speaker has been stuck in “coming soon” limbo for a couple years now. After appearing at the past two Consumer Electronic Shows, blowing a Summer 2013 launch date, and going on pre-order last fall, this white block of almost-vaporware finally materialized at the MoMa Design Store in New York last week. And while you […]

Six Clicks: More Linux single-board computers

pi-b-v1-620x419 (1)

Raspberry Pi B+ DIY and gadget fans alike love the Raspberry Pi. Now, they’ll have more to love with the newRaspberry Pi B+. For the same $35 price as the original Model B, the Model B+ still uses the ARM-based Broadcom BCM2835 chipset, 512MB of RAM, and 700MHz low-power ARM1176JZ-F applications processor. The improvements come with a […]

Microsoft talks up ‘next version of Windows’

download (1)

The company opens up more about its plans to build bridges between the Windows 8.1 Modern UI and the desktop. Microsoft’s Tony Prophet took a moment Wednesday to expand on a key feature in the next version of Windows at a Microsoft conference. Prophet, corporate vice president of Windows Marketing, offered a bit more clarity […]

Office 365 subscribers now have access to 1 TB of OneDrive storage


If you’re an Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscriber, your OneDrive storage just got a big boost. Microsoft announced its plans last month to increase cloud storage to 1 TB for all Office 365 subscribers. Anyone with an Office 365 Small Business, Midsize Business, or Enterprise account should already have seen their OneDrive for […]

Google Planning A Big Push In India This Fall


Google is planning a big advertising campaign for its Android One initiative in India this fall, according to several recent reports. The Information’s Amir Efrati claims that Google is telling potential partners in the country that it is planning to spend “at least several hundred millions dollars” to boost awareness for phones made as part of the Android One […]

IBM to start selling Apple iPhones and iPads


It’s like Burger King selling the Big Mac — sort of. Get ready for iPhones and iPads preloaded with specialized business IBM software. Apple (AAPL, Tech30) and IBM (IBM, Tech30) on Tuesday announced a partnership to leverage each company’s strengths. Starting this fall, Apple is delivering devices exclusively to IBM, which “Big Blue” will then prep with industry-specific apps for business customers. […]

Windows XP Hacked, Supply Chain Poisoned


“As the Internet of Things grows, we are going to see more Internet-enabled devices, which means more operating systems and more potential targets for malware and rootkits,” said the Information Security Forum’s Gregory Nowak. “Any such device, no matter how humble, should be seen as a stepping stone which could be used in an escalation […]

Raspberry Pi Compute Module to be accessible to ‘normal users’ with the CoMo Booster Kick Starter


A new Raspberry Pi Compute Module I/O board Kick Starter promises to make the ‘industrial’ Raspberry Pi accessible to everyone with a feature-packed £60 / $99 motherboard… While many in the Raspberry Pi community were shocked at the price of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit, Eben Upton (Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation) explained to RasPi.Today that […]

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