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Buy Google Glass today if you want, but don’t be surprised when Google contact lenses pop up


Yes, today is Google Glass Day, a single planetary rotation when anyone in the U.S. with an extra $1,500 can buy the questionably smart headgear. But is Google’s ultimate head-wearable actually a set of whizbang contact lenses?

Although Glass’ general release date is >>read more

How to speed up your Android smartphone


Though the hardware of smartphones is steadily becoming more capable it can’t be utilised to its fullest potential without the software to tap it. This is personal technology’s modern hurdle – the optimisation of both hardware and software to ensure >>read more

Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention


Every Page on Facebook wants everything they post shown to everyone. But people only read a limited amount of News Feed per day. There simply isn’t room for everything, and the competition for feed space is intensifying. The total number >>read more

Dell Expands to Predictive Analytics with StatSoft Buy


Dell’s strategy is to offer a set of information management tools that help companies manage, integrate, and analyze data in the cloud and on-premises. Dell’s capabilities include database management and optimization, application and data integration, and big data analytics. StatSoft >>read more

Google Deal With Luxottica Will Bring Glass to Ray-Ban, Oakley

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Google Inc. GOOG +0.75% has won a powerful ally in its fight to make Google Glass cool. Italian eyewear maker Luxottica LUX.MI +3.75% Group SpA, owner of the Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglass brands, said Monday it had agreed to design, develop and distribute new versions of Google’s Web-connected eyewear.

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Apple wants to bypass net neutrality for its own streaming video service


APPLE has been toying with the idea of modernizing the living room for the better part of a decade now, and it seems as if Cupertino is on the cusp of a breakthrough. APPLE is reportedly in talks with Comcast >>read more

Adobe Expands Its Marketing Cloud With Predictive Tools, iBeacon Support, And More

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As Adobe kicks off its Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, the company is announcing a number of new features and products in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, its suite of products for digital marketers.

It’s the kind of announcement >>read more

Exclusive White Xbox Ones Selling on eBay


A handful of Microsoft employees (or their family and friends) are looking to make a few extra bucks by selling their exclusive white and silver Xbox One gaming console—a Microsoft freebie gifted to workers in August.

Ten white versions of the >>read more

Google Now cards now available to Chrome users on desktops and laptops


Google Now’s card interface that pops up important information as and when users need them on their Android phones, will now also be available for desktop and laptop users via the Google Chrome browser. The news comes via the Google Chrome Google+ >>read more

Why Mozilla 's Brendan Eich Is the Right Choice for CEO


Finally. At long last and after two CEOs who left after short tenures on the job, Mozilla now has the CEO it always should have had. Today, Mozilla officially announced that Brendan Eich will be the new CEO of the open-source >>read more

What Happened to the Vision in Open Source?


Last week, I was writing about MediaGoblin when I was struck by a sudden realization: the project was not about code for its own sake. Instead it was about the sort of vision that seems to be disappearing recently from free and open source >>read more

Yahoo, Google and Apple also claim right to read user emails


Like Microsoft, other webmail giants all reserve the right to read user emails, if ‘deemed necessary’…Who can read your emails – and what will they do with them?. Microsoft is not unique in claiming the right to read users’ emails – >>read more

Turkish attempt to ban Twitter appears to backfire


ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s attempt to block access to Twitter appeared to backfire on Friday with many tech-savvy users circumventing the ban and suspicions growing that the prime minister was using court orders to suppress corruption allegations against him >>read more

After WhatsApp: An Insider’s View On What’s Next In Messaging


Editor’s note: Ted Livingston is the Founder and CEO of Kik, a mobile-first company with over 120 million registered users all over the world. Ted started working in mobile in 2007, while he was still studying at the University of Waterloo.

>>read more